NEXT FLOWER SCHOOL: 24th and 25th February


Our story

With a background in teaching from both sides of my family and all aspects of my life, I am a huge believer in sharing knowledge and having fun whilst doing it. Our Flower School was created with that exact idea in mind; having fun.

I have been very privileged in my life to learn from some of the very best world wide and have experience in over 600 weddings over the past seven years. This experience has taught me that nothing is impossible and with passion, love and enjoyment, anything can be achieved. I would like to take a day to teach you all that I know, from basic flower arranging to world class hanging arrangements, floral arches, breathtaking flower walls and massive table arrangements that will not only impress but set you apart from others.

We are very proud to announce that the Zavion Kotze Flower School has partnered with Deetlefs Wine to bring you a wine tasting experience that is out of this world! Deetlefs continuously wins awards worldwide for their incredible wines and are the only wine estate in the world to create a white Pinotage MCC, which you will be able to experience at the Flower School. You do not want to miss out!

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Floral Workshops

Day 1 Day 2

09:00 Welcome and Registration

09:40 Introduction to flowers

10:00 Floral equipment introduction and how to use it

10:15 How to treat and handle flowers

10:30 Bouquets, Buttonholes, Corsages and Head Garlands

12:30 Light Lunch

13:00 Basic Arrangements

14:00 Intermediate Arrangements

15:00 Mass Arrangement Demonstration

15:45 Deetlefs Wine Tasting and Canapés

16:30 End of Day One Flower School

09:30 Welcome and Registration

10:00 Making Mass Arrangements

11:30 Light Lunch and Deetlefs Wine

12:10 Making a Floral Runner

13:30 Making a Flower Wall

14:45 Hanging Arrangement Demonstration

16:00 Deetlefs Wine Tasting and Canapés

17:00 End of Day Two Flower School


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