Always a pleasure, never a chore

May 31, 2017

I want to share with you a motto from someone who John knew and the importance of this dogma in our lives. If you don’t know, my husband John was a school teacher for 10 years before he made the choice to come over and plan weddings with me. In his first year of teaching, he was lucky enough to teach a student who inspired him far greater than the student will ever know.

The scene was set at St. Benedicts in Bedfordview, where John taught Geography and coached water polo. It was here that he taught a student by the name of David. David had an amazing ability to inspire those around him, and seemed to lift people just by being around them. John describes this young man as someone who was going to change the world by simply being him.

David had an expression, a saying or a dogma, by which he lived. No matter what was going on in his life, he always responded with “Always a pleasure, never a chore”. He tried very hard to make those around him live by this dogma. Little did he know, people started following this. As if a mini cult had started, an entire school of boys began to live by this. No task was ever too big or too small to get involved in. A culture of selfless givers/do-ers was born.

Unfortunately, David was taken from this world too soon and left hole in so many people’s hearts. However, he left something more than that. “Always a pleasure, never a chore.”

John began to preach this, perhaps in an obsessive way, but he refused to let the momentum of this movement slow down. It wasn’t long before I started following this, and my life has forever been different and better.

Our wedding venue, Inimitable, launches in October 2018 with one firm philosophy that underpins everything we do. Our staff are trained on this philosophy, and it is what John and I believe will help set us apart from every other wedding venue.

Always a pleasure, never a chore.

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