Be bold and NEVER be Afraid

May 25, 2017

Taking risks is something many people think is a trait of the brave and bold. I want to tell you that it is not. I believe it is inherent in all of us and something we can all tap into, should we want to. If you think about it, really allow yourself to remove that inner voice that tells you you can’t, I believe that you will be able to find an example of a moment where you did something you never thought you could.

If you look at where you are right now, you probably had doubts that you would ever have reached this point, or ever dreamed that your life would have taken this path. It did because somewhere, at some point, you made the choice to leap, to jump or close your eyes and go boldly where you thought you never could. (that was dangerously close to Star Wars, wasn’t it?)

Fear is a terrible thing. I will never forget John when we went skiing. We launched off the top of the mountain and within seconds, John was gone, screaming and swearing all the way down the mountain. I swear the entire state of Idaho heard him that day. (They probably also heard me laughing) By the time I finally caught up to him at the bottom of the mountain, he was out of breath, white as a ghost and frowning like a child who got a Christmas gift that he/she had to share. He was so reluctant to climb the ski lift and do it again- and it was obvious that fear had a firm grip on him. After bribing him with wine by the bucket load, he made the choice to abandon all fear and try again. The most interesting thing is that this time, with experience, he was not afraid anymore but rather, bold.

Something had changed within him, and it was clear on his face (and in the dramatic decrease in screaming and swearing).

We went on to have an incredible skiing holiday and loved every minute of it. I know you might be wondering where I am going with this, so let me try to explain. I am no stranger to fear, and I know that you are not either; therefore, I want to tell you one simple message today. Be BOLD and never be afraid. Such joy can be found hiding right behind fear and the results and rewards are greater than the fear itself. So this week, try to remove the fear, block out that voice that says “I can’t” and jump. You deserve greatness and it is within your grasp.

Just jump- trust me it is worth it!


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