Bosjes Wedding Venue

May 25, 2017

It was an absolute honour visiting Bosjes Wedding Venue and Bosjes Kombuis in Worcester, sunken in the Breede River Valley, close to Ceres in the Western Cape.

This charming venue offers the perfect marriage of modern and classic to create a rare gem nestled in both spectacular mountains and timeless elegance.

The chapel building, designed by Coetzee Steyn himself is light, contemporary and strikingly beautiful. The building floats effortlessly on the landscape and seems to mirror the emotions of light and life that have been breathed into the very soul of this historical site.

With experience in so many wedding venues both locally and internationally, it is my firm belief that this venue will stand tall in the hall of South Africa’s greats!

With exposed trusses, made of locally sourced timber and brass, light dances elegantly off the restaurant walls and is matched only by the splendor of the views. The space is light, open and as far as I can see been meticulously thought out and considered as an arena for something grand.

As if the views, excellently articulated architecture, and soul of this restaurant were not enough to make you consider permanently relocating, the food served at this establishment would certainly shake your world.

Well known South African chef Goffe-Wood has brought his fuss-free approach to menus and his expertise to this restaurant in a way only he knows how to do. In fitting with the name, ͞die Kombuis͟, the food, or should I say ͞experience͟, served is out of this world. Refined, yet complicated in both plating and palate, you are sure to be moved by this extravagant experience. Do not be fooled by a menu that on first exploring seems shorter than expected; there is not a single dish on this menu that wont change the way you see and understand food. From goosebump worthy trout fishcakes, served on a mattress of avocado and gentle greens, to a grass fed beef burger accompanied by local camembert, carefully caramelized onions and a combination of greens and bacon, you simply have no choice but to sit back in true awe; for this is not just a restaurant, but a dining wonder.

The staff at this venue are friendly, kind and most importantly genuine; a quality so often lacking in venues in South Africa. Meeting them all gave me an opportunity to delve further into the culture of this little piece of heaven, and my only conclusion is that this culture of kindness and generosity stems from incredible leadership. What an honour it was to see true global hospitality fed into our local market!

If you are ever in the Western Cape, do me a favour and drive to Bosjes; trust me, you will thank me.

For reservations contact them via email at or visit their website at

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