Brides Bouquets – Why do we LOVE them

May 25, 2017

Brides Bouquets – Why do we LOVE them I LOVE a bridal bouquet, and it is my personal task with every wedding to make the brides bouquet. I love creating something unique and special for every bride.

We all know that the reason why a bride was encouraged to carry a bouquet was born from necessity rather than beauty. If you don’t know the reason, here it is:

Way back when in the 1600’s European cities were climbing through a very dark and difficult time. Flushing toilets and indoor [plumbing were not quite a thing yet, and bathing happened (for most people) once a year. This was normally done in May as most weddings occurred in June. As a matter of courtesy, brides carried flowers in the desperate hope of masking the smell. Some bouquets also contained herbs such as thyme and wolfs bane to ward off evil spirits.

Needless to say, this tradition of bouquets continued, even after we began to bath more regularly, and now we are stuck with it. Every bride desires a bouquet, and there are so many different types of bouquets that can be made.

I hope you enjoy some of these images of bouquets I have made over the years, let me know which is your favourite- I would LOVE to know what you think!

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