Johan & Althea

May 19, 2017

With a smile like hers, there is no way that you can avoid falling in love with Althea the moment you meet her. If that isn’t enough evidence to convince you that this wedding was very special to us, look at the way Johan looks at her. Love is so special and it is the driving force behind all that we do at Zavion Kotze Events Company.

Althea and Johan, who live in England, called us via Skype one day and asked if we would be willing to share in their love and help them with your wedding day. It was an obvious yes based on who they were as people, and of course the aforementioned smile and look.

“Crisp white, classic, crystal, floral and elegant” were our instructions, and I believe it is exactly what we achieved. With white hydrangeas from Columbia, tulips from Amsterdam and roses from Kenya as well as many locally sourced flowers; we were able to create bold mass arrangements above each table. Floral runners that flowed off the sides of the tables to frame a dance floor lit only by the myriad candles- this wedding was everything is was destined to be, and more.

But if we were honest with you, the main attraction of this day, was Althea and Johan, and the joy they bought to our lives for the time we worked with them- for this; we are truly grateful.

Videography : Hauke Digital Productions

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