Kevin & Nadine

May 19, 2017

I can confidently say that when you hear that someone’s dream wedding colours are orange, pink, green, yellow, navy and gold, that most people would panic slightly. It took the genius of Zavion’s world class floral design to find a way to incorporate all of these colours into a spectacular feast for the eyes and soul.

Burst red tulips, pink faith roses, orange and yellow tulips and eucalyptus made up a breathtaking bouquet that was as fragrant as it was beautiful. Shrouded in a greenery arch; above their heads, a geometric gold shape, housing a mammoth wreath of flowers; all these two needed to do was look into each others eyes and say what was true to their hearts; love.

It is clear to see from the wide smiles and sparkling eyes that this was a wedding of joy! Two beautiful families came together to celebrate the love between Kevin and Nadine, and we could not have been luckier to bare witness to this.

Their wedding tables were bold, different, and if I may say, experimental at that time. It was fun, dramatic and full of life. At the end of the night, we stood back as a team and knew that we could take a deep breath, through our uncontrollable smiles and know that this wedding was a reminder to us that we do in fact, LOVE what we do.

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