Micah & Duane’s

May 19, 2017

Despite being told a hundred times, Zavion would not believe anyone when they informed him that Duane was not a princess; for in his words, such beauty belonged solely to a princess. Beautiful inside and out, Duane found love with the incredible Micah, a kind hearted gentleman whose love for her was so obvious that no one could meet them without feeling their special connection. The moment these two walked into our offices, we knew that no matter what, we needed to be part of their fairytale, their love, and their life.

Our goal as a company was to create a palatial look and feel with flowers, and it is my firm belief that we achieved this with their gorgeous main table. Flowing flowers, cascading orchids and crystal held candle light ensured that this couple sat in the throne Zavion so believed she deserved.

She looked so beautiful with her white cascading orchid bouquet that seemed to float as elegantly as she did. As she took each step, inching closer and closer to the actualization of her dreams and the culmination of her love, for her husband and sole mate, Micah, we knew that this was a love worthy of the fairy tale in which Zavion so believed she belonged.

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