The Rand Club

May 31, 2017

I want you to take a moment with me right now. Halt the chaos in your mind, remove the urgency from your breath and take five minutes to be transported to a place where love lives abundantly and hangs in every perfectly decorated passage, each elegant ball room and seems to float effortlessly down the royal staircase, through the large brass gilded doors and into your heart. I want you to meet the Rand Club in Johannesburg and let yourself become part of something far grander than you ever thought you would be.

Founded in 1887 in a land far different to that which we know and recognize as Johannesburg today, the Rand Club managed to, through its resilience and prowess, stand strong on its ancient foundations, and become a world-class monument and venue. Though the times may have changed as dramatically as the landscape, the Rand Club has managed to hold on to its old-school charm and remain as elegant as it was many moons ago. With careful, skillful and artful restoration, you are certain to have your breath literally ripped from your body the moment those gorgeous doors open.

Climb the gorgeous carpeted double staircase enrobed in brass, or take a step back in time and use the original double gated elevator installed in 1904; still in working condition. Gander at the high domed glass ceiling made of imported glass and feel the opulence pour through your soul as you realize you are now not only standing in a room fit for royalty, but you are now part of something far greater than just you; you are part of history itself.

If you are looking for a unique, elegant and breathtakingly beautiful wedding venue, you need look no further than the Main Ball Room. Accommodating 220 guests and a gorgeous oak dance floor, this venue offers opulence in excess. Soft lighting, elegant colours, graceful curtains standing tall next to ancient glass windows and Burmese Teak wood fittings around the entire room allows you to escape the known and travel to a time where elegance was king and sophistication ruled supreme.

The Rand Club offers full kitchen facilities, secure parking for 150 cars, and shuttle service for guests, all furniture needed for your wedding, linen, cutlery and crockery as well as four gorgeous rooms.

If you want your wedding to be unique, beautiful, elegant and sophisticated, then this is the venue you have been looking for. Please do not hesitate to call Brandon Clifford the Director of the Rand Club now.

Let him take you on a tour of this incredible building and let his passion and love guide you through a journey that will change you forever.

Brandon: 082 894 3448

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