The Vessel

May 25, 2017

Décor for a wedding is so important, because it is a means through which the flowers are able to tell their story. I LOVE beautiful décor, and I think one of the things that makes John so happy is sitting in our storerooms surrounded by pretty things- in fact if I loose him at work, I am always guaranteed to find him there.

Every bride wants her reception hall to be filled with beauty. Gold, silver, crystal; you name it, it is all beautiful. But who decides what is beautiful and what is not? This question plagues me often and it couldn’t be more highlighted for any couple than in the classic “shopping environment” that we all find ourselves in from time to time.

One person enthusiastically picks up an item and with love, joy and longing, looks at their partner, who responds with disgust and dislike. One person’s taste is not necessarily another’s. So how do we decide on décor items? How do we ensure that a wedding looks glamourous to the couple and to the guests?

The trick is to ignore the vessel!

A true florist knows that the vessel is not important at all. If you have attended one of my floral courses at the Zavion Kotze Flower School, you will know that this is one of the tenants of my teachings.

One of the great magic tricks of floristry is to mold/ adapt space and create something from nothing. In other words, the smallest vessel can hold the largest arrangement. This can be tricky and to an amateur, can often be risky. I know that every florist has pushed the boundaries and seen how far they can go without breaking the vessel, in order to create something magical.

The image you are looking at is a 5cm diameter, 5cm in height glass vase on a mirror box. In it sits 4 HUGE hydrangea stems, 8 phalaenopsis orchids, lisianthus stems and other gorgeous flowers!  Magic from a tiny vessel.

Therefore, my advice for you today is not to get held up over the vessel. Focus rather on what can do done with it and what is inside- because that is where the true beauty lies.

Remember to LOVE what you do today!

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