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September 8, 2017

LOVE is LOVE – full stop! 

With a changing socio-political climate being experienced not only worldwide, but being highlighted in America by its current president, two sides seem to have formed more strongly on the discussion of “marriage” and its definition relating to rights.

NOW PLEASE NOTE: In no way am I opening this up to discussion for people to offer their political, social or religious beliefs as frankly I am not interested.

I am in the business of LOVE and I believe strongly that love exists in all forms, shapes, and sizes.

Therefore, as plainly as I can put this, I CELEBRATE all forms of love, and I am so incredibly proud to bring you this wedding we recently did in Cape Town, South Africa.


I celebrate this couple!                                I honour this couple!                      …and I was so proud to be part of their Journey!!


I hope that you enjoy these photos and the wonderful FULL CEILING installation with beautiful orchids we did at this incredible venue in Cape Town, South Africa.


Photographer: Genevieve Fundaro

Venue: Jonkershuis, Constantia

Flowers and Decor: Zavion Kotze Events Company

Wedding Planning: Zavion Kotze Events Company

Brides Attire: Jenni Button





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