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Our story

With a background in teaching from both sides of my family and all aspects of my life, I am a huge believer in sharing knowledge and having fun whilst doing it. Our Flower School was created with that exact idea in mind; having fun.

I have been very privileged in my life to learn from some of the very best world wide and have experience in over 600 weddings over the past seven years. This experience has taught me that nothing is impossible and with passion, love and enjoyment, anything can be achieved. I would like to take a day to teach you all that I know, from basic flower arranging to world class hanging arrangements, floral arches, breathtaking flower walls and massive table arrangements that will not only impress but set you apart from others.

We are very proud to announce that the Zavion Kotze Flower School has partnered with Deetlefs Wine to bring you a wine tasting experience that is out of this world! Deetlefs continuously wins awards worldwide for their incredible wines and are the only wine estate in the world to create a white Pinotage MCC, which you will be able to experience at the Flower School. You do not want to miss out!

Frequently Asked Questions: You may have some questions regarding the Flower School. Here are some of the most common questions we get asked - hopefully this can help you out. 1. How much does it cost? ---- Day 1: R3900 ex VAT and Day 2: R8500 ex VAT Please note: Zavion Kotze Events Company is a VAT registered company and prices as shown above are excluding of VAT. To help make it easier for you, the below prices are the cost of the Flower School Including VAT. ---- Day 1: R 4485 including VAT and Day 2: R9775 including VAT ANY PREVIOUSLY QUOTED PRICES RELATE TO PREVIOUS FLOWER SCHOOLS. 2. Do I have the do both days? Or can I choose to do just one of them? ---- You can do either Day 1 or Day 2 or you can do both. It is completely up to you. Some florists just want to learn mechanics and large floral work skills and only want to do Day 2, whereas some people just want to have a fun day of flowers, learning and laughing with their loved ones, and then just do Day 1. 3. Do I need to bring anything with me? ---- Just a smile :) - we provide you with everything you need for the Flower School. You do not need to bring anything with. From scissors, to rose strippers to food and delicious Deetlefs Wine Estate Wine, we have you covered! - plus the equipment you get on the day is YOURS to keep. YAY 4. How do I pay for the Flower School? ---- The ONLY way is to EFT to us. You will find the banking details below... Please ensure that your EFT Reference reads as FS(Your Name) - this helps us track your payment. Please send a Proof of Payment to John at to confirm your booking. We cannot reserve a spot for you, nor can we hold one for you or a friend while you decide. This would not be fair to the other applicants. As we fully understand that any Flower School can be expensive, due to the large volume of flowers used, we have TWO potential payment terms: 1: Pay in Full at once 2: Pay 50% now and the other 50% no later than the 2nd of August. This will help, as breaking up payments is always nicer to do. However please take note of the following payment terms and conditions: 2.1 Any payments and/or deposits made to Zavion Kotze Events Company for the
purpose of the Zavion Kotze Flower School are strictly non-refundable. 2.2 No place/seat/ position in the Zavion Kotze Flower School may be held without the 50% deposit. Banking Details: Zavion Kotze Events Company First National Bank Account Number: 6238 4314 044 (Cheque Account) Branch Code: 250 655 ------- YOUR BOOKING IS ONLY CONFIRMED ONCE WE RECEIVE YOUR PROOF OF PAYMENT----- 5. What Skills do we Learn on the different Days? ---- DAY 1: Introduction to Flowers, how to treat and handle flowers, bouquets, buttonholes, wrist corsages, head Garlands, Basic arrangements, Intermediate arrangements, Demonstration on how to make a mass arrangement. ---- Day 2: Making a Mass Arrangement, Floral Runner, Flower Walls or Flower Pillars, Demonstration on a hanging arrangement or flowing table runner, Styling a table and styling elements and tips. 6. Where does it take place? ---- We are very proud to be hosting the Flower School at Inimitable Wedding Venue, Muldersdrift Gauteng. Inimitable is on Google Maps and Uber comes directly to the gate, should you wish to avoid wine tasting and driving :) 7. How many people can attend? ---- For Day 1 we cap the numbers at 20 people. We do not ever take more than this as we believe that the personal interaction with Zavion is important. ---- For Day 2 we cap the numbers at 20 people for this Spring School. 8. What if I am Halaal or have special dietary requirements? ---- This is simple. Please ensure that you let us know when you make payment and we will ensure that your dietary requirements are looked after. 9. When does each Day start and end? ---- Day 1: Starts at 09:00 and ends at 16:30 ---- Day 2: Starts at 09:30 and ends at 17:00 10. What do I do if I have any other questions? ---- You are welcome to email John at and he will be able to guide you through...
11. Will Zavion and John save a place for me while I decide if I can attend? ---- We wish we could, and we do care, however there is such a high demand for the flower school that we simply cannot save spots for you as it is not fair to other people. 12. Will there be other Flower Schools in 2018/2019 if I can’t make the upcoming school? ---- We always try to find weekends for Flower Schools, however we are dedicated to our Weddings as a priority. We can never guarantee the amount of schools we can offer in a specific year. 13. Do we offer schools in Cape Town? ---- We are always trying to find a Cape Town date. We work constantly on trying to find a way to get to you in Cape Town- we will keep you updated.
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Floral Workshops

Day 1 Day 2
09:00 Welcome and Registration 09:40 Introduction to flowers 10:00 Floral equipment introduction and how to use it 10:15 How to treat and handle flowers 10:30 Bouquets, Buttonholes, Corsages and Head Garlands 12:30 Light Lunch 13:00 Basic Arrangements 14:00 Intermediate Arrangements 15:00 Mass Arrangement Demonstration 15:45 Deetlefs Wine Tasting and Canapés 16:30 End of Day One Flower School 09:30 Welcome and Registration 10:00 Making Mass Arrangements 11:30 Light Lunch and Deetlefs Wine 12:10 Making a Floral Runner 13:30 Making a Flower Wall 14:45 Hanging Arrangement Demonstration 16:00 Deetlefs Wine Tasting and Canapés 17:00 End of Day Two Flower School


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